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team of many passions for Sicily

If you are looking for Sea,Sun and Love, then look no further for you have found the right place!

Sicily is all about its food, its wines, its architecture, its culture, its sunshine and its people – everything for a truly memorable holiday experience can be found here.

I was myself visitor to Sicily for a six years ago (2012) and through my local knowledge and photography , I want to share with you my passion for this wonderful Island and to show you why for me it was love at first sight!

My intensions are very simply to show you everything it has to offer, from its wonderful culture and unique architecture, to its wonderful people and unique lifestyle that revolves around  sun, sea, food and wine.

Specifically, I can help you experience your perfect holidayby providing insider’s view of the most wonderful location, the best apartments, the cheapest car hire and the most special places to visit. Please share with me your vision of your perfect holiday and let me help you plane your perfect Sicilian experience.

I speak Italian, English, German, Russian and Czech, but as a fellow traveller, I also speak your language and understand what are you looking for in a memorable holiday.


Articles about Sicily written with a big passion

Maria Lina Bommarito – writer, translator

Hello everyone! Since I love Sicily and I love to write…here I am!
I was born in the States but I have been living on this beautiful island for many, many years.
I all happened when together with my family I came to Sicily for the first time, visiting relatives. It was love at first sight! I just couldn’t take my eyes off those mountains, so high and intimidating but spectacular! And when I saw the sea…no words could describe that emotion.
I must say that even now, after many years, the sight of the sea still enhances me and I can’t pass near it without stopping, taking a deep breath and saying “How beautiful! I lucky I am to live here!”.
Another passion of mine is cooking, Sicilian style and wine of course!

Sicilian photographer of sunsealove

Giovanna Biondo -photographer

..was born in Terrasini November 29, 1967 where she resides. Her passion for photography led her in 2007 to be with other photography enthusiasts and lovers of the association Asadin photography in Sicily.
Since then she has made ​​countless exhibitions and participated in many regional and national photographic competitions, some of which she won.

Evelin Costa collaborator of sunsealove 

Evelin Costa – the artist
My name is Evelin Costa and I was born in Palermo in 1976. I studied Philosophy, my main passions are writing and painting. I love culture, I’m interested in the world in all its diversity and variety, but at the same time, the knowledge of the popular traditions of Sicily: its customs, festivals and especially the kitchen, because at its core is the philosophy of harmony between opposites and the encounter between different cultures.
I have managed for eight years a bed and breakfast that has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, as a result I am dedicated to the divulgation of my knowledge about Sicily through my blogs. At the same time I never left out the painting (mostly portraits). Another passion of mine are cats whose friendship I could not ever give up.


Great pictures of sicilian photographer

Caterina Blunda – photographer

the president of photographic assocation “Asadin” located in Cinisi province of Palermo. I love animals, especially dogs, in my home are only in 5.


collaborator, team of sunsealove

Lydia Bonini – translator

My name is Lydia Bonini and I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, England, and lived there until I was 22. At this time I decided to change my life and with that, I moved to Rome and after to Sicily.The Sicilians are the most open, welcoming, free-spirited Italians I have ever met. They listen, they observe, they ask when they don’t understand, they are inquisitive, they are honest, they are giving. So when I was asked to help translate some articles in our BLOG, I wanted nothing more than to help.


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