Personal Concierge Tourist Services in Sicily

Just to introduce name is Daniela Riedlova and I’m founder of…

If you are looking for Sea, Sun and Love, then look no further for you have found the right place!

Sicily is all about its food, its wines, its architecture, its culture, its sunshine and its people -everything for a truly memorable holiday experience can be found here.

I was myself a visitor to Sicily over six years ago and through my local knowledge and photography, I want share with you my passion for this wonderful Island and to show you why for me it was love at first sight!

My intentions are very simply to show you everything it has to offer, from its wonderful culture and unique architecture, to its wonderful people and unique lifestyle that revolves around sun, sea, food and wine.

Specifically, I can help you experience your perfect holiday by providing an insider’s view of the most wonderful locations, the best apartments, the cheapest car hire and the most special places to visit. Please share with me your vision of your perfect holiday and let me help you plan your perfect Sicilian experience.

I speak Italian, English, German, Russian and Czech, but as a fellow traveller, I also speak your language and understand what you are looking for in a memorable holiday.

Yours Daniela

happy to have new collaborators!

…my best quality is: smile, kindness, availability and description follows ..





    Is this better? We just need to find another apartment for the first three weeks and then can confirm tomorrow. Please find my email address above.

    Thank you! The apartment looks very lovely.


    • Hi Eizabeth, thank you for your request, I will do the maximum for you Let me know exactly the dates by email please. Thank you very much. Best Regards,Daniela


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