Traditional celebrations in Sicily

Festa degli Schietti

La Festa di li schietti

The celebration of the unmarried

The “festa” consisted originally of the raising of an orange tree by unmarried young men to demonstrate to their beloved their ability and strength. Today the tree-raising has become a contest and is the main event of the renomated “festa di li schietti”……

riti pasquali

Pasqua a Pietraperzia “Lu Signuri di li Fasci

On Good Friday, a beam made ​​of cypress wood eight feet and a half high and surmounted by a cross, is brought outside the Church of the Carmine in a horizontal position, allowing the faithful to tie its top long strips of linen…..



La Mensa di San Giuseppe (ST. JOSEPH’S TABLE)

Salemi, Town of Saint Joseph’s Breads

Salemi (prov. of Trapani) located in the Belice Valley in South-Western Sicily is a very characteristic town for its origines and traditions.
Originally denominated Alicia as “allied of the ancient Segesta”……


Easter Traditions – Palm Sunday

Domenica delle palme

On Palm Sunday in Palermo the city bristles of very particular characters: “the Palm vendors”! You find them practically everywhere, in front of churches……

Easter in Palermo

Easter in Palermo

So, after having eaten “anelletti cu capuliato” (ring-shaped pasta with ground beef sauce), “capretto e patate aggrassate” (glazed goat and potatoes),  a whole flock of marzapan sheep, here you see the “Queen of the Easter table” the “cake par excellence”,  the “triump of sweetness”, the baroque monument of palermo’s best….


Palermo-Santa Rosalia celebrations

As all Sicilian festivals, the Fistino di Santa Rosalia has its gastonomic traditions. The delicious pasta con le sarde (macaroni with sardines) is a must during these days. Street food stands….

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