Sicilian Food & Wine

 Sicily is a unique island both sweet and harsh, rich of contrasts that mysteriously fall into perfect balance.
All this is can be found in Sicily’s culinary tradition based on harmonic blends of ingredients apparently distant to each other but “philosophically combined” to create unexpected results.
An impenetrably fascinating island alluring but repelling, inhabited by its people apparently idle but capable of unexpected outbursts.   
Sicily, land of passion often suppressed, land of inebriating scents and lively colors, that shows its strength in its foods so varied and rich even when simple. True witness of invaders of the past that left their sign not only in people’s DNA as well as in architecture but also in cuisine flavors. Food made noble by the Monsù that cooked  for aristocratics but also by the people’s creativeness in imitating these dishes using poor ingredients enriched by spices and aromas. Products of the land as beans, hard grain wheat, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, citrus fruits, grapes, vegetables, cheese, sea food, all this flavoured by basil leaves, parsley, mint, laurel, oregano, rosemary, wild fennel, jasmine, pine nuts, raisins and olive oil. A triumph of specialities sometimes simple, others elaborated, to enjoy home but also along the streets. Sweet-and-sour flavours, scents of spices so complex and elegant at times, to remind of baroque monuments, as the world famous Cassata, queen of Sicilian pastries.  
It may be impossible to discover the real essence of Sicily and Sicilians. A tour in its traditional enogastronomy, like a continuously updated history book, is a key to interprete the mysteries of such a special Island. 

I can organize for you following:

  • Culinary cooking
  • Gastronomy of Sicily
  • Wine day only for you
  • Street food tour in Palermo

I can also arrange those for a big groups!

sicilian food

Where to go to eat in Palermo

My personal guide of restaurants and places.

The desire to discover and learn about is the fuel that powers it. The stages are many. At each stop a restaurant, a place new or already known..

pasta with clams  Sicilian recipes

The gourmet restaurants in Sicily

The real journey is the encounter – with friends who manage restaurants, with chefs, with those who dedicate themselves to accommodate the people at the table. The desire to discover new foods and with them the land, culture and traditions.


The best pastry shops in Sicily

The Greeks also introduce the almond, very important in the Sicilian pastry. Was in the Roman period that probably “the cassata” originated , symbol the rebirth of spring that with Catholicism will become the Easter cake par excellence…


Famous chocolate of Modica

he Modica chocolate is very particular because of the procedure with which it is prepared, the so-called “lavorazione a freddo” which is the cold-working and the cocoa is not subject to conching.


 The street food of Palermo

Boiled octopus can also be found in Sferracavallo, a picturesque fishing village just few miles from Palermo, where you can also enjoy tasty sea urchins and delicious mussels. The boiled octopus tradition can also be tasted in another suburb of Palermo called…..

Traditional-market-in-Palermo-Ballaro Lovely markets in Sicily

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