Street Food Tour in Palermo

Street Food Tour in Palermo

Dear Friends, just a short photoreportage about our Street Food Tour in Palermo, that I warmly reccommend you!


The meeting is usually at 11,30 in the front of Theater Massimo.
The street food tour usually starting in th front of Theater Massimo in Palermo
Tasting on Capo Market la “frittola”( I don’t explain you what is means – you have to taste it);)
Sicilian experience like street food you will never forget.
Tasting  of various types of meat
Street food in Palermo is not only food, but also walking tour of art
Taste best street food in Palermo
to see Panellaro who is preparing “le panelle” (Panella it’s only a thin foil of fried chickpeameal)
Starting to taste street food in Palermo
cooking “panelle”
Cooking on the palermitan streets
Street food in Palermo has been designed to offer tourists the chance to live a 100% Sicilian Experience!
Tasting “Arancine di riso” – Rice croquettes
Street and Art walking tour in Palermo is great experience.
“Spleen” is ready!
most prefer food in Palermo
me &”sandwich with spleen”
With street food in Palermo you will enjoy it.
and after all we need to digest the most famous palermitan pastry il”cannolo” ..but not only one;))

Sicily is famous for its pastries cannoli














…we have finished around 2.30 pm. If you are thinking that is all what you can eat in Palermo, is very big mistake. Is missing Octopus, Fishes, Sea Urchins, Sea Salad and many others!

Thank you for your attention and let me know if you have tasted too one of these delights, yours Daniela

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