Winter holiday in Sicily

Winter holiday in Sicily

10 reasons to arrive in Sicily in off-season.


  • Higher quality of food.
  • Fewer people around you.
  • In the winter we have up to 20 degrees, typically 90% of the days are sunny. Evening is cooled to an average of 10 to 15 degrees.
  • Beaches are empty, you can bathe until November, in December in any case, you can sunbathe.
  • The best time to visit Sicily is precisely in May, because everything is green and the whole island is in full bloom.
  • The worst time is in August, the whole world is here, so do not expect you to a quiet beach. And especially do not ask me for a quiet place!
  • In August, it is difficult to rent a car at the normal price.
  • Rents of villas and apartments collapse to a minimum, so it’s very convenient.
  • You can visit the many wineries in peace.
  • Is easier to know Sicilians.

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