Visit Isola di Mozia (Mothia)

Visit Isola di Mozia (Mothia)

When you will come to visit the wine city of Marsala (province of Trapani) you should not to miss this beautiful tiny island of Mozia. Once you arrived you can leave the car at landing-stage, and buy the ticket for the boat service (organized by local fishermen). The cost of the boat service is 2,50 Euro one way. There are some discount for touristic groups but You should to call before at number +39 3394904090 or you can have a look on this website of stagnone cruises

Another payment is waiting for you at the entrance to Mozia, one ticket per person is 9 Euro and you can visit the museum and all island. The museum is very interesting not aonly for his rich colletion of sculptures, but there is the famous statue of the Young Man of Mozia. Is really amazing! This statue si the one of the most important works of art of ancient Greek ever found in Sicily.

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Giovane di Mozia



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