Rent of apartments in Terrasini

Terrasini is an important tourist resort rising on a high cliff, in one of the most suggestive tracts of the Palermo coast, where the Natural Reserve of Capo Rama (with its watchtower) is, between the Gulf of Castellammare and the one of Terrasini (Cala Rossa). Terrasini also offers opportunities for swimming and sunbathing.
Looking at them from the sea, you will be surprised by the shapes and the colors of the stacks. Once you have rented in Terrasini
you can’t leave without visiting the versatile Palazzo D’Aumale Museum, which has been recently restored and divided in various sections, such as the ethno-anthropological one, preserving the best of the Sicilian cart tradition, the archaeological one and a boat museum.  We also recommend visiting the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in piazza Duomo.
On Easter Saturday and Sunday the folkloristic Festa de li Schietti takes place.


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