Snow in Sicily

Snow in Sicily

Exceptional Sicilian snowfall

No one can imagine that in Sicily besides the sea, beautiful beaches and magical locations and towns you can also see the snow. The snow in Sicily is a rather rare event. Except for the mountainous inland areas, from Etna to the Madonie, passing through the provinces of Enna and Caltanissetta, it rarely snows in the other areas of the island.
In cities like Avola in the province of Siracuse, there hasn’t been snow since 1987. In Palermo according to statistics (because I wasn’t living here at that time, so I have to trust statistics and Sicilians) last time it snowed was in 1999.

It is a unique moment when it snows in Sicily,  you can see the Sicilians dancing and smiling on the streets. Sicilians don’t believe their eyes that it’s really snowing. You can see the excitement in their expession when they see the snowflakes and they constantly repeat: “It’s snowing, it’s snowing and it’s still Snowing!”  Is a really big joy to watch how happy they are, maybe too funny for me,  coming from Czech where the snow is for me is absolutely a normal event.

I just wanted to tell you this little observation that is part of this island of Sicily;)


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